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Breakfast Served All day!

Come and enjoy our famous flapper pie!

Our History

Edna Taylor opened the truckstop/diner in 1956 and became well known by truck drivers from across North America including most of the local folks in the Calgary area too. Edna Was a REAL community worker, doing a myriad of good deeds in Inglewood, Calgary.

Edna passed away in the Foothills Hospital after suffering from severe heart complications on July 25th, 2011, aged 78.

She truly was a diner icon, her legacy will live on and will be remembered as someone who used her business to help others

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Our menu

The Blackfoot Truckstop serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day. With everything from bacon and eggs to a roast beef dinner, we will always have something that suits your appetite.

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Our staff

Everyday for almost 50 years the staff at the Blackfoot Trucktop has served hundreds of guests.

Over the course of those 50 years we've had the chance to see the likes of celebrities such as Jason McCoy, members from Doc Walker, and even the city mayor.

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